Thursday, August 2, 2007

In Love With My Bestfriend

Dear Friends, I am currently taking up Business Administration in a reputable university here in Manila, Philippines. I am now in the second year. I wrote because I am troubled about my situation and I need your advice. 

Let’s just call this girl Kira. She's my best friend since we are in first year college. She is my favorite classmate. We were then in a happy, block section. After the first semester of our first year in college, we became classmates in 3 units. Now that we are in the second year, we are classmates in just 2 units. In spite of the fact that years have now passed, we remained the best of friends.

As best friends, we would spend break times together. Sometimes, I would take her to the terminal after school time so she can ride a bus back home. We text each other regularly, chat on YM, share our problems and do other stuffs that normal friends do.

But one thing that I cannot tell her is the fact that I am already in love with her since we are in first year. Until now, I am still afraid to tell her about it. I don’t know why. I maybe a coward but it may be because I am just afraid that telling her the truth might drive her away. I do not like her to think that I took advantage of our friendship. But I love her anyway and can’t sleep properly at night because she would always be in my mind.

Guys, what should I do? I hope that you can help me in my situation. Please give me an advice. Thank you very much. - Edgar


In any way, you have to tell your feelings to your best friend. You have no control over whom your heart chooses to love. If it chooses your best friend, then you cannot go around pretending like it’s never there.

I agree with you, there is a possibility that your relationship with your best friend might sour because of your confession. But you only have two choices as of now - either you spend the rest of your life loving your best friend secretly and pound your chest when you see her with another man, or go and tell her about your feelings even if there are possible risks.

I would say it's best to choose the second option. That way you wouldn’t have any regrets later in life. At least you have tried to express your feelings with her and you wouldn't have to blame yourself one of these days while murmuring, "Why didn't I give myself the chance to show her how much I care and how much she means to me?"

Who knows, she might just be waiting for you to say the words “I love you” and you wouldn't know because you did not even try. Because she considers you as her friend, maybe she would understand you, even if she wouldn't love you back like the way you love her.

The best thing you can do right now is gather your resolve and tell her how you really feel for her. If you cannot do it in person, there are other means that you can make use of. You can write her a love note and so on. For me, taking this risk is worth it if you really love a person instead of torturing yourself day after day. Just give her the assurance that it is not your intention to take advantage of your friendship but things just happened and you didn't expect that it will turn out like this.

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